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every 14 minutes

This stat really rocked my world. Every 14 minute a male dies by suicided in the United States. I can't shake the thought. It hurts to know that someone could be weighing their value to this world - alone.

I started a TikTok account back in August of 2021, right in the thick of it. I was hurt enough to say something out loud in the best way I knew how. What happened next was a complete shock to my system - a community started to build and grow around the belief that something needs to be done to nudge the stats. How? Talking about it! Sharing our thoughts out loud, listening, showing up for each other. Here's the plan:

practical steps

  • a strong online community rooted in nonjudgemental support, consistency, and collaborative conversation that builds on inspired action

  • providing internet access and assistance to elders who are misplaced and unable to research/apply for aid

  • virtual hubs with free resources and access to community support groups

  • local meet-ups and retreats

  • monthly outings that create community based friendships

  • fundraisers and drives to benefit local shelters

  • kids programs and day trips that encourage healthy parent child relationships

Jacqueline Roche - Evey 14 Minutes

what we need now

Funding, inspired action, passion. Do you have time, a skillset, a personal intention you'd like to flame the fire with? Join the team.

Shop for the cause here or donate directly here.

Jacqueline Roche - Evey 14 Minutes

let's nudge the numbers

Enough if enough.

Jacqueline Roche - Evey 14 Minutes
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