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come with me to cook dinner for families at the RMDH

Back in 2020, I was super excited to find that the RMDH near me is partnered with Take Them a Meal - an awesome program that allows individuals to sign up to cater, cook, or bring in meals to families that are staying at the Ronald McDonald House while their children are cared for in the NICU.

When COVID hit, the program was halted for obvious reasons. I was so excited to learn that the program was up and running again now!

This was such a sobering experience and simultaneously a complete honor to be able to offer this to the families currently staying at the St. Pete, FL location. I cannot imagine what these parents are moving through, let alone facing each and every day. I truly recommend this program if you are looking for volunteer opportunities for yourself, your family, and even your coworkers.

I will definitely be making this part of my monthly schedule! :)

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