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come with me to help stock up a local pantry

Every year around this time, I can't help but think of all the creative ways parents need to manage the holidays when it comes to putting food on the table. The expectations of children who wholeheartedly and selflessly want to experience the joys that are talked about all throughout the fall and leading up to Christmas, and how some parents have to have silent conversations with themselves about how in the world they will meet them.

A few years ago, I came across Oldsmar Cares. I was researching a local pantry to donate a few items I wasn't planning on using. This one particular pantry had amazing reviews from guests who have gone in during a time of need. The grace and respect they are shown at Oldsmar Cares was so evident in their words.

Once upon a time while I was living in Texas, I was needing a food pantry for myself. I was ashamed, embarrassed, and managed to convince myself that I was at the bottom of the list of people who deserved the help. I wasn't a mom yet, I was an able bodied human being and though hungry, I felt that others were in more dire circumstances than I was. I was terrified of impression I would give off, and my social anxiety just wouldn't allow the risk. I didn't go.

Reading the reviews for Oldsmar Cares was a breath of fresh air. I have been trying my best to support in any ways that I can, and when I can. This year, I was full of gratitude and honored to be able to contribute to the Oldsmar Cares food pantry.

If you are searching for a well intentioned and awesome food pantry to donate to, I highly recommend Oldsmar Cares, and on the flip-side, if you are searching for resources and help, I also highly recommend Oldsmar Cares. :)

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