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This offering provides 8 monthly blogposts that are expertly crafted to increase engagement, improve SEO, and increase brand value. All posts are thoroughly researched to ensure that they are tailored to your brand, niche, and target audience. Each blogpost is delivered in a timely manner, ensuring that your content is always fresh and up-to-date.

8 Monthly Blogposts

  • What if I have specific topics I'd like the blogposts to include?

    Once your order is placed, I will be in touch and either schedule a call or chat via email to get a bit more information about your brand... and you! During our conversation, we will cover any specific topics you may have in mind, writing styles, and happenings for the upcoming month to make sure we build each blogpost in perfect alignment with your brand.

    Will you also post the blogs for me?

    The blogs will be delivered in a PDF file formatted to faciliate copying and pasting each post onto your blog. While I will not directly post for you, I will include an SEO friendly title, images and ALT text, relevant and trending hashtags, as well as niche-specific tips to effectively post.

    I have my own photos, can I use those?

    Yes! Proprietary content is always preferred. However, if you don't have content, that's okay, too! I use Canva and LR to create custom content

    Can I share the blogposts anywhere I want?

    Absolutely. Once you purchase this package and the files are delivered, you have complete ownership of the written blogposts. This means you can list your brand as the author/creator and post as often as you'd like.

    How long does it take to receive the blogposts?

    We will discuss a timeframe during our intial conversation. This will depend on a few factors such as how much research needs to be done, length and depth of each topic, and types of content needed. I strive to deliver content no later than two weeks from date of purchase.

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