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The Deep Dive?

Through personalized one-on-one sessions, I provide guidance, motivation, and practical tools to help you overcome obstacles, clarify your goals, and create positive change in various aspects of your life. Let's quiet the white noise and create your new reality.
The Launch Pad

You have an epic idea for a nonprofit or business, yet conceptualizing and bringing it to life feels daunting, and those "how to" online searches are overwhelming and throwing you into existential crisis mode. That's a perfect starting point for The Launch Pad. Over a six-week period, we will build practical paths and tangible tools to bring your idea to life.

What's included:
  1. 1-1 Weekly Brain(dump/storm) Sessions

  2. Brand Development, Strategy, and Implementation Plans

  3. Personalized Digital Marketing Guides and Templates

  4. Website Design (or rebrand) and UX Coaching

Price: $6999

Image by Gyula Zsámbok
Service 1

The Recalibration

Let's make sense of the white noise. You already established your foundation, but it's not gaining the traction you feel it deserves. This may look and feel like: confusion around brand intention, direction, and identity. A Recalibration takes a look at your process and vision, what may be causing friction in your brand/idea, and a clear path to fix it over a 4 week period. To ensure your success, I include an actionable 12 month growth strategy plan beyond our time together. 

What's included:
  1. 1-1 Weekly Brain(dump/storm) Sessions

  2. Brand Strategy Analysis (let's find all the nails in the tires)

  3. Personalized Digital Marketing Guides and Templates

  4. Actionable 12 Month Growth Strategy Plan

Price: $2500

Service 2

The Sound Board

Sometimes we need a sound board, a second set of eyes to scan the terrain and shift our perspective. Your intuition is on fire and you feel the time is right to make a move, but for some reason your decisions are laced with doubt and you can't seem to commit to the plan. What's missing? What's holding you back? Let's explore your mind maze together and get you past the quicksand.

What's included:
  1. 1-1 60 Minute Brain(dump/storm) Session

  2. Tailored to You 6 Month Actionable Plan

  3. Email Personality Deep Dive + Life Plan Assessment

Price: $299

Service 3

Ready to dive in?

Let's chat!

Please note that my services are designed to provide you with personalized support, guidance, and accountability throughout your journey. Together, we will create a tailored plan to help you overcome challenges, set and achieve meaningful goals, and create lasting positive change in your life.

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  • Are services customizable?
    Yes. Once we initiate our first conversation, we will have a clear understanding about your needs and my current availability. Pricing noted is a generalized starting point for each service.
  • Do you offer one-off marketing and development services?
    Yes. If you are seeking one-ff marketing and development services such as content creation, blog, digital assets, web design, please connect to review your needs and I will provide a customized plan.
  • Can I extend the duration of a service?
    Yes. At the end of each service completion, we will connect to review your progress and needs moving forward. During this review, we will formulate a plan if it is necessary to continue or revise your existing service.
  • I'm not sure what I need. Can you help me figure out which service serves me best?
    Absolutely! My goal is to make your journey as seamless as possible, and that starts right at the beginning. If you would like a soundboard before you decide on a service, let's connect!
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