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The world needs who you're meant to be.



Viewing the world through kaleidoscope eyes is always a good starting point to any world-altering ideas. While practicality serves as a powerful guardrail along the way. The difficulty is in exercising, strengthening, and balancing both. It would be both easy and pointless for me to give you a textbook solution on how to do so. Your story is unique, and so is your solution. My purpose is best described as a soundboard giving you space to untangle your abstract thinking.

I am the founder of Every 14 Minutes, a nonprofit in the making aiming to fuel solutions for mental health by creating an expressive toolkit for children who will one day take the world head on and build their own magic. My workshops aim to create core memories that will serve as gentle self-reminders that no matter how challenging a situation may seem in any given moment, you've got this!

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Hey, I'm Jacq

Entrepreneur(ish). Empath. Perpetual learner. A little weird.


There is a constant battle in my mind between my creativity and my love for critical thinking. I've come to love my thought process and have a high inclination towards self-expression. Thinking outside the box is instinctive, and so is my morbid curiosity for human behavior.

I am a connector by nature. My success is defined by my ability to create and cultivate connections. Sometimes between a person and their own visions, dreams and aspirations. Other times, on a grandiose scale by connecting solutions with respective issues.

The basics

Myers-Briggs INFJ

Enneagram 2

Sun + Moon Leo

Ascendant Libra


Nice to meet you

xo, jacq

Image by Ivan Bandura

Current Personal Projects


life on the spectrum

A book about the initial shock, sheer determination, and endless confusion around raising a child on the spectrum. Creating and exploring a safe space within oneself to retreat on "stimmy" days and learning about the grace and gentleness needed to face your own undiagnosed neurodiversities.


detour - the existential crisis

With many humans entering a "what the hell am I doing with my life?!" phase, we could all use a little clarity and glimpse into why we're collectively feeling this massive shift when it comes to defining success.


the purge

Let's work backwards. A quiz to help you learn what you don't want from life.

Image by Kenny Cinders



My utmost gratitude for the opportunities to share my expressions and experiences. Here are a few recent features:


Allow me to help you untangle your thoughts.



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