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What if  you could quiet the white noise and catapult into your ideal reality?

I work with change makers and spark plugs that are seeking to align with their life purpose and scale their visions.

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About Jacq

Brand Development

You know exactly where you want to be, but the path to get there is muddled and cloudy. We are in a constant state of launching, realigning, and recalibrating our purpose, career, and realities at large. When these processes do not transition in harmony, we get uncomfortable, tend to disassociate or disconnect in certain aspects of our lives, and dwell in a state of confusion, morbid curiosity, and frustration. This can spiral and translate into feelings of missed opportunities, time mismanagement, and an overall craving to build bigger and be part of a greater collective impact. Having found a way out of this spiral myself, I'm here to guide you through to the nearest exit point, and onto a clear, intentional, and healthy path towards manifesting a meaningful reality.

I firmly believe that every person has enough curiosity within them, that if harnessed just right, could light a fire that would amplify their life experience.



The Launch Pad

Staring a business or nonprofit? Scaling one? Struggling to define your mission and vision? Transforming abstract concepts and initiatives into actionable strategies is easier with a soundboard. Let's create practical and synergetic roadmaps tailored to build your vision with precision, clarity and purpose.


The Recalibration

You've got the blueprint, but somethings not quite right. There are times when we feel a misalignment with our purpose and that deeply reflects in our relationships and business. As much as we may try to navigate that introspection and discomfort alone, sometimes an objective guide can point out new exit points, important detours, and reconnect with the "why" in our discomfort. Let's fine-tune your plans.


The Sound Board

Needing a quick second set of eyes on your grand idea? You're going through the (practical) motions of building a plan, but lacking clear intention. Decisions are feeling muddled and disconnected. You can see your next step, but not your end goal. Let's find definition and synergy between your idea and the tools you already have.

I saw growth in my business, I found inspiration in places I hadn't even thought of looking.  


Image by Florian Klauer

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